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A remanufactured engine is an engine that has been restored to original specifications using available parts from old engines. Since all of the parts in an engine degrade and breakdown at different rates, an engine that has failed will still have a proportion of components in good condition.

During our remanufacturing process, we will use the good components from failed engines along with new components to completely rebuild engines that are brought to us. This allows money, time and resources to be saved as it means that OE-spec-re-manufactured engines can be built using readily available parts that would simply be disregarded or even scrapped.

At GND Motors, we take pride in providing you with high-quality re-manufacturing services. Working hard to build you high-quality engines to your specification. We ensure all our engines are built to the same high standards.

Our process of reconditioning an engine involves:

  • Removing the engine from the vehicle. 
  • Removing all auxiliary and ancillary components from the engine.
  • Separating the cylinder head from the cylinder block.
  • Dismantling all components within the cylinder head and block.
  • Inspecting all parts for signs of wear and damage and replacing accordingly.
  • All the inspected parts are then cleaned through our specialist parts washer.
  • The parts are then checked for fitting and tolerances and are machined accordingly.
  • Once machined the parts are cleaned again and assembled.
  • New bearings, piston rings, seals and a fresh gasket kit are installed.
  • All auxiliary and ancillary components are reattached and the engine is fitted back to the vehicle. 
  • All the vital engine fluids are replenished and a new oil filter is installed.
  • The engine is attached to a diagnostic computer and started. 
  • All vital tests are carried out to make sure the engine is performing at the highest standard.

All the parts used are identical to the ones used by the manufacturers in the assembly of the engine. We DO NOT use any third party or after market components unless specifically requested by the customer.

Together with engine rebuilding, we offer also ECU remapping, diagnostics and all mechanic services.